Chin Sculpting

What is Chin Sculpting

Chin Sculpting uses HIFU technology to reduce fat, tighten the skin and contour the jawline and neck. This procedure is the perfect non – surgical treatment for targeting your double chin area, leaving you with a beautifully defined jawline. Your body will natural breakdown the dead fat in the targeted area over the following 12 weeks and at the same time, new collagen and elastin will form helping to lift and tighten the area. As this is a non – surgical procedure, there is no lengthy recovery process making it the ideal choice.

The Procedure

We can tailor this treatment for every individual and the results in which they are wanting to achieve. Our trained therapist will assess the area of concern in your initial consultation and will create a treatment plan most suited to your needs. When it comes to sessions, we space them out over 4 weeks and it may require 2-4 sessions to see optimal results, however there will be visible fat reduction after your first treatment.

During the procedure, we utilize HIFU heat energy to target the submental region to destroy fat cells contained within the target area, permanently. The High Intensity Ultra Sound technology also warms the skin tissue up to 75 degrees which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin resulting in tighter looking skin.

The Benefits of Chin Sculpting

Chin Sculpting has proven to have a wide range of benefits for clients and these include the following:


  • Reduction of the “double chin” permanently
  • A comfortable treatment that requires no form of anaesthetic
  • Non – invasive procedure that doesn’t cause swelling or bruising post treatment – all that you may experience post treatment is slight tenderness.
  • Tighter skin around the chin, jawline and neck.
  • The technology used in the procedure has been approved by the TGA.