Combination Eyebrow Tattooing

Combination eyebrow tattooing, also known as Combo Brow, is a technique that uses a combination of hair like microblading strokes with the manual shading of the tattoo gun to create natural looking eyebrows with a defined arch and tail. This technique results in eyebrows that look more natural at the beginning of the brow where the strokes are etched into the skin and end with a fuller more defined arch and tail as a result of manual shading with the tattoo gun.

The Procedure

Before your treatment, you will be asked to complete a consent form and an anesthetic cream will be used to numb the area to ensure you don’t experience any discomfort throughout the procedure. To ensure you get the best result, we recommend bringing in some images as an example of the style you desire. We will commence by designing the start, arch and tails to clearly represent the end shape we intend on creating for your individual facial features and bone structure.

Numbing cream is continually applied during the procedure for your added comfort. During the combination eyebrow procedure, you may feel the contact of the “etching” onto the skin as well as vibrations from the tattoo gun. Also, some clients have experienced the sensation of needing to sneeze during the procedure and our artists are all trained in manoeuvring to accommodate to this reaction.

Post Treatment

Immediately after the procedure, the pigment will be quite dark, and your brows may appear to be slightly swollen. The healing process is roughly around 10 days however the pigment colour will settle for up to 4 weeks. During this healing period, it is important to take care of your eyebrows by adhering to the post-treatment guidelines provided to you on the day of your treatment. Over the course of the healing process, your eyebrows will gradually get lighter and you can expect to experience some scabbing and cracking. Please note it is important to not pick the scabs as it can affect the finished result. On the day of the procedure, we will provide you with an after-care pack that contains an eyebrow cleanser, hydrating cream and instructions on how to care for your brows. At MVA beauty we allow you to wash your ombre brow the day after your tattoo.

Additional Information

Your combination eyebrow tattoo will last approx. 2-3 years however we recommend getting an annual colour refresh to keep your combination eyebrow tattoo defined and fresh all year round.

Unfortunately, we are unable to do any form of cosmetic tattooing on anyone who is pregnant or on blood-thinning or acne medications. If you are breastfeeding or on any medications that you are not sure about, please contact us for more information. Please do not drink alcohol the night before or coffee and energy drinks on the day of your procedure.

For those using cosmetic injectables such as Botox and Fillers, you must not get botox or fillers 2 weeks before or after your appointment.

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